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Train the Trainer

Everyone learns in their own unique way—whether it be visually, verbally, or physically—which is why Daman created an interactive program called Train the Trainer. The idea behind the program is to emphasize and teach the differences in how people learn. This will allow anyone training another person to identify personality styles, make them aware of their own learning styles, and realize how this influences their training style.

All of this together results in a more efficient, consistent, and less stressful training process to maximize the results. "We are teaching everyone to be better trainers which will also result in them being better trainees," said Thom Sibley, Production Team Leader at Daman. The production team will be the first group to receive the training, with plans to utilize it throughout the company.

The first phase of the training includes a Q&A to help identify:

  • Differences between adult learners and children

  • Barriers to learning

  • 6 distinct characteristics of adult learners

  • 4 components of training

  • Learning methods of different people

The second phase of the training uses Myers-Briggs indicators to identify personality styles and helps develop communication strategies which include:

  • Straight talk

  • Maintaining your cool

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Listening

To conclude the training, Daman reviews their Training to Achieve Goals (TAG) program and how the system is structured to accommodate the different learning styles. Ultimately, Train the Trainer teaches the learning styles of others and how to work effectively together. But just as important, it teaches the trainer about himself, which builds a better trainer.


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