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Continuous Improvement


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Innovating Manifold Solutions
for 45 Years

From the founding of Daman Products in 1976, fluid power distributors have been the cornerstone for all of our strategic growth strategies. Founder, Jack Davis, grew up in fluid power distribution working for the Neff Engineering Company in the Midwest. At the time, the primary source for machined manifolds was through machine shops that had little to no knowledge about fluid power markets or valve manufacturers that didn’t acknowledge manifolds as a significant component in fluid power systems. 

When Jack started Daman Products, his main mission was to help fluid power distributors grow their business by providing quality hydraulic valve manifolds. With this model, we became the first company devoted to machined hydraulic bar manifolds, and focused exclusively on supporting fluid power distributors.

Over the last four decades, Daman has evolved to be leading Standard and Custom Manifold manufacturer. With a strong customer base of 500 fluid power distributors across North America, we aim to provide exceptional value to our distributors' supply chain solutions.

Daman's Evolution to AMVP

Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve the services we offer to our customers. Solutions like Daman's Trigger System, offer 24-hour delivery for custom manifolds and have led to further understanding our distributors' needs to increase their speed to market.


As we enter our 45th year in business, we have evolved our original standard manifold solutions to fully-integrated Assembled Manifold Valve Products, or AMVPs, to include the sourcing, assembly, testing and drop shipping of custom manifold assemblies. Daman offers these integrated solutions with valves and filter cartridges, and in a variety of different materials – ductile, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

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DamanWorks Live Inventory Portal

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DamanWorks allows instant access to standard part live inventory information, including part number, current inventory quantity, price, description, image of part, downloadable catalog page, and downloadable files in STEP and DXF formats. Users can search by availability and popularity, as well as by exact or partial part number, description, item, or price.

Daman Creative Team

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To be successful 20 years from now – or even five years from now – we know we need to continually improve the way we approach innovation. That’s why we formed the Creative Team in 2010 to chart a course for new product development.

Daman Trigger System

Daman Trigger Process.png

The Daman Trigger System offers a simple way for you to order custom manifolds without the lead times, rigid ordering schedules and cumbersome micro-management and follow-up of inventory required by other manufacturers. Custom Manifolds participating in the Daman Trigger System receive special 24-hour delivery services.

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Lean & Continuous Improvement Culture

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations in every way we can. Our customer-focused approach means we deliver long-term, reliable service and solutions. It’s why we are considered one of the best suppliers across all vendor sectors, not just among manifold suppliers or within the hydraulic industry.

Integrated Valve Solutions

We partner with our distributors to reduce supply chain delays by sourcing valves directly from the manufacturers, completing the valve and manifold assembly at our factory in Mishawaka, and testing the assemblies in-house for optimized performance. 

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Quick Block.png

Quick Block allows Daman distributors to configure their own custom header and junction manifolds for quick quotes, models, and delivery. This creates the ability to use technology to its fullest potential by providing our distributors 3D models, fast quotes and two-week or less delivery turnaround times.

The Daman Analytics tool puts instant, visual information into the hands of the Daman team to best serve distributors who now have access to feedback about trends that Daman’s systems are tracking. This information allows distributors to be more proactive in planning ahead in order to collectively gain more business.


Daman Analytics

When Jack Davis founded Daman Products in 1976, he established a culture of trust, a team dedicated to the pursuit of hydraulic manifold innovation, and a company devoted to producing quality, functional products for its valued distributor base. These principles have allowed Daman to become a leader in hydraulic manifold solutions.


The Legacy of Jack Davis (1933-2020)

Quick Block Custom Configurator

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