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Bottom-Ported Diagnostic Manifolds


Complete system diagnostics available with Daman's bottom-ported manifolds. Quick-connect your diagnostics anytime without disrupting your system.

Why choose bottom-ported diagnostic manifolds?

  • Test ports on every valve station A & B allow for easy connection to diagnostics data on actuator extend and retract functions.

  • System relief valve cavity has been added to all D03 and D05 manifold options.

  • System gauge port is included.

  • P & T ports can be plumbed from either end of the manifold or from the bottom (side opposite valves).

  • A & B ports are located on the side opposite valves.

  • Standard flow and high flow manifolds are available.


Where to find our bottom-ported diagnostic manifold solutions?


Search our live inventory database in DamanWorks, to view our full line of in-stock bottom-ported manifolds or contact our Distributor Services Team at for more information.

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