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Flexible Standard Manifold Mounting Solutions


When you need an efficient and flexible standard manifold solution, Daman FlexMount offers D03 and

D05 solutions that are perfect for:

  • Vertical mounting

  • Through-bolt mounting

  • Tank mounting (with a flange plate or gasket)


Standard Products

Benefits of FlexMount

  • You choose your mounting preference.

  • You can opt for no mounting hardware to reduce cost when you have your own mounting solution.

  • Narrow 2.00” valve spacing instead of traditional 2.125” for compact space requirements.

  • Pressure gauge port is optional for additional cost savings when GA is not required.

  • Smaller compact block size to minimize your manifold footprint.

Mounting Options


FlexMount manifolds offer three flexible mounting options to choose from in a more compact layout package than our traditional D03 and D05 bar manifolds. Mounting hardware must be specified by the customer. Otherwise, hardware is not included, which further reduces your cost.​

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