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The Daman Way

Most manufacturers today have the latest tools and technology, but few combine today’s tooling and technology advances with creativity, expertise, ethics, and integrity. We see our business differently than the way most business management textbooks recommend. At Daman, we look at things through the lens of our customers' viewpoint. It’s a unique perspective that helps us find creative and innovative solutions that help our customers win work and succeed.


Our perspective also helps us make informed decisions. Whether we’re planning or building, ordering or delivering, testing or improving, we want to do what’s right for our customers. And what’s right always takes precedence over cost.


In our culture of continuous improvement, our people embrace challenge. We bring innovation and creativity to every process. And we keep a steady focus on eliminating waste that is commonly prevalent in conventional manufacturing models. By continually improving our processes, we successfully move information and products with greater velocity through the supply chain in response to our customers’ needs.


We also give back. Our people are engaged in our community as volunteers of all kinds. Individually and as a company, we donate time and money to many community services and programs. Many of our efforts are focused on our public education systems where we advocate changing obsolete paradigms and encouraging innovation to help our children succeed.


We know the Daman way is different. Because it’s right for our customers, we know it’s right for us.

Daman values
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