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Daman Products offers a complete line of manifolds, subplates, adapters and cover plates that meet all ISO and NFPA standards. Our Standard Manifold Products Catalog contains more than 2 million parts that facilitate the assembly of parallel or series circuit systems, ranging from ISO 02 valve patterns through ISO 10.


With our unsurpassed level of expertise in manifold design and manufacturing and our commitment to providing excellent service, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers build better relationships, develop a reputation for reliability and, ultimately, win more work.

Standard Products

Our Inventory is Constantly Growing to Meet Our Customers' Changing Needs


We are always at the forefront of innovation in manifold design. Every year we conduct a review of our customers' buying patterns and identify any non-stock manifold products that should be added to our in-stock selection.

Daman's Large Selection of In-stock, 24-hour Delivery, Standard Manifolds 


Daman’s inventory of in-stock Standard Manifolds offers customers more Standard Manifold catalog choices. Additionally, in an ongoing effort to be more responsive to our customer needs, we regularly convert many of our previous non-stock manifold products to a stocked status based on an annualized review of customer buying patterns.  As a result, customers count on Daman to carry the largest selection of in-stock Standard Manifolds in the industry - all shipped within 24 hours of the order date.

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Bar Manifolds 

Bar Manifolds reduce plumbing and the number of leak points in addition to improving maintenance of hydraulic systems by eliminating plumbing otherwise required to connect individual components together. Multi-station manifolds allow several valves to be mounted to a single manifold which has a common pressure and common tank connection.



Subplates allow a simple solution to mount a single valve in a hydraulic system. Several different valve sizes, port sizes, and mounting configurations are available.


Cover Plates

Also known as “blanking plates,” "blocking plates," or "cap-off plates," Cover Plates are used to cover a pattern after a valve is removed or to cover a valve pattern intended for future use.


Tapping Plates 

Also referred to as Sandwich or module plates. They provide threaded port access to the A,B,P and T passages of an existing valve manifold to add a test port or gauge ports.


Valve Adaptors

This is stack module which mounts between the existing manifold and a valve. Used to convert the existing manifold valve pattern to an alternative size valve without disrupting the existing manifold configuration.


Thread Cavity Bodies 

These are single bodies to house Sun and Common threaded cartridge valves. These bodies are commonly used to add a single function to a hydraulic system in retrofit applications.


Din Bodies 

These are single valve bodies to house DIN slip-in logic valves used in applications that require higher flow than a typical subplate mounted or threaded cartridge valve. These bodies are commonly used to test the functionality of a hydraulic circuit prior to committing to complete Custom Manifold Integrated solution.


Header & Junction Blocks

Also known as “distribution manifolds.” Used to connect several threaded connections into one common block to eliminate leaks and reduce plumbing labor.


Custom Engineered Manifolds 

70% of our business is spent designing and manufacturing completely custom engineered manifold solutions. With 10 full time manifold designers we can optimize your hydraulic application with a single integrated manifold solution, eliminating leak points and labor costs associated with standard off-the-shelf discrete components.

Standard Manifold Shipment is Guaranteed Within 24 hours

Our extensive in-stock inventory of Standard Manifolds is constantly being replenished in line with industry buying trends so that we can ship stocked products within 24 hours while eliminating the need for complex forecasting and stringent minimum inventory commitments.

With an on-time delivery rating of nearly 100 percent for stocked items in a non-forecasted, on-demand environment, Daman is the dependable partner you need to ensure that Standard Manifold products are always available when you need them.

We Set the Standard for Excellence in Customer Service


Our customers know they get much more than a manifold when they place an order with us. Our roots are in the distribution side of the industry; we understand the unique challenges distributors face being competitive in low volume, repetitive, standard and custom product categories.

We know distributors are tired of having to micro-manage their inventory and conduct endless follow up because of manufacturers over-promising and under-delivering. That's why we are so committed to looking at things from our customers' point of view and providing a level of service that exceeds their expectations.


You can count on us to provide everything you need, from a manufacturing accuracy rating of 99.87 percent to real people picking up our phones and answering your questions. The members of our full-time design and support staff have more than 300 years of combined project design and sales support experience, so they know the problems facing distributors and have a proven track record of providing solutions that work.


Contact us today to learn more about how our capabilities and culture can contribute to your success. Once you understand the depth of the Daman Advantage, we guarantee you'll never look at ordering manifolds the same way again.

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