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On September 7, 2022, Daman signed a definitive agreement for Helios Technologies to acquire Daman Products. This exciting project offer Daman and its community more opportunities for individual and industry growth in the future.

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  • Flywheel acquisition strategically enhances Helios’ Hydraulics segment technologies with leading standard manifolds and custom-designed precision hydraulic integrated packages

  • Provides greater reach into existing markets while adding new diversified markets

  • Enhances product offering and enables horizontal product line integration for more sophisticated system solutions

  • Complements engineering capabilities building upon our talent and expertise

  • Daman anticipates doubling growth within twelve months with exponential growth in the following three years

  • 58,000 square foot expansion will be complete summer of 2023 (adding on to the existing 48,000 sq ft)

  • 70 new employees will be added to the existing 140-member team

  • New roles will be needed for integrated manifold/valve assembly, fluid power solution testing, warehouse personnel, supply chain, IT, human resources, customer service, and technical support

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