"Through the use of the manifold solution build program in partner with the trigger program, Daman Products has allowed us to single source manifolds for our customers. It allows us to keep on time delivery with the end user while reducing inventory needed at the distributor level. It was a seamless process from quote to design to ordering and I would recommend it to anyone."

—Tanner Garland, Hydradyne LLC

The Daman Trigger System offers a simple way for you to order custom manifolds without the lead times, rigid ordering schedules and cumbersome micro-management and follow-up of inventory required by other manufacturers. Custom Manifolds participating in the Daman Trigger System receive special 24-hour delivery services.

Our company has its roots in the distribution side of the industry, which allows us to fully understand the unique challenges of remaining competitive in low volume, repetitive, standard and custom product categories, as well as the demands and annoyances typically placed on distributors by their manufacturers.

We know that distributors are tired of manufacturers over-promising and under-delivering, and in the end, the issue comes down to trust. That's why we strive to ensure that our system is built around what our customers need, not what is convenient for us. We've found that looking at things from our customers' point of view helps us find creative and innovative solutions that allow us to better meet their needs — even if they don't yet fully understand what those needs are.


Designed as a traditional pull inventory system, our Trigger System eliminates the customers' need to track inventory, carry too much inventory or track volume pricing discounts.

Simply put, the Daman Trigger System revolutionizes the Custom Manifold supply process.


The Benefits of Daman Trigger System

Daman Customers Receive the Following Benefits:

  • Adaptable response to order spikes

  • Reduced supply chain inventory by 90%

  • Improved cash flow

  • Reduced forecasting to quarterly conversations

  • No advanced PO or scheduled releases

  • One flat price for all quantities – even 1 piece

  • With less inventory, design changes are responsive, timely and will affect less than 10% of annualized usage

  • Like Daman’s standard products, parts ship in 24 hours and are 99.9% on-time

  • Bin inventory is automatically replenished within 10 days

  • Customer stocked inventory can be eliminated

  • Generally, only an annual minimum of 10 parts is required

  • Integrated valve installations and drop ship assemblies


Introduction to Daman Trigger 

Perfecting Distribution

Flexible Ordering

With the Daman Trigger System, as long as you maintain a consistent level of activity, you only have to order parts when you need them. Releases are driven by actual usage, rather than forecasts and schedules, which means there is no need to worry about tracking your inventory or submitting purchase orders in advance once a product is set up in the Trigger Program.


Elaborate forecasting processes can be reduced to simple conversations about expected and maximum usage. We will consider your estimates in our internal planning, but even though we build in the capacity to comfortably handle unforeseen spikes in demand, the number of bins and the quantity per bin are always less than would be required with a blanket order mentality.


Furthermore, your financial commitment only extends to the minimal product quantity inventoried in the bins (typically 10-20 units), and we will ship products in any quantity at the agreed price — there is no minimum order or fluctuation in price based on volume. The Trigger System is designed to minimize inventory commitments and streamline the ordering process so that small inventories are automatically refilled as they are depleted, reducing costs while ensuring that there is always enough custom product on hand to meet your needs.


Fast Shipping

Daman will consider your custom manifold project for Trigger enrollment with an annual purchase level of 10 parts or more. Once programming, processing, tooling and fixturing are established and standardized, your custom manifold can essentially be treated as a standard product for our internal purposes — virtually eliminating overhead and allowing us to ship custom parts on-demand within 24 hours.


The speed and flexibility afforded by the Trigger Program allows you to reduce supply chain inventory commitments by 90 percent while retaining the ability to quickly respond to demand spikes and eliminating problems caused by fluctuations in delivery schedules.


Commitment to Excellence

At Daman Products, we are committed to continuous improvement, which means eliminating waste and building efficiency into our processes to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best possible performance for our customers. We have the flexibility to meet a wide range of specific business needs, with high-quality products and unmatched reliability. However, we believe that our quest to design the perfect supply system for distributors of standard and custom hydraulic manifolds will never be finished, which means we'll always keep working to do more to contribute to your success. 


Let us bring the reliability of our standard product fulfillment systems to your repetitive custom project. We'll handle all of the details, so you have more time to focus on making sales.

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