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Daman is deeply rooted in distribution and understands the unique challenges of being competitive in low volume, repetitive, standard, and custom product divisions.


  • We understand the demands placed on distribution by all of their manufacturers, and those demands are often beneficial solely to the manufacturer, misguided, and many times short-lived causing short-term angst.

  • The demand for market information and forecasts is relentless.

  • General poor performance of manufacturing partners necessitates micro-management by distribution.

  • Distributors are accustomed to manufacturers over-promising and under-delivering.


The Daman team constantly challenges the question, “If we could envision the perfect supply system for distributors, what would it look like?” 


Hence, distributors and their customers benefit from the following 24-hour delivery services for Standard and Custom products.  Neither solution requires the complexity of forecasting or stringent minimum annual inventory commitments.

24-Hour Standard: In-stock Manifold Inventory

Daman holds one of the largest inventories of in-stock Standard Manifolds within the industry. We analyze customer buying patterns of manifolds, regularly adding manifold designs to our Standard Catalog line. Customers access this inventory via our online standard catalog where search by part number or search by build requirements is possible. Daman holds and replenishes inventory stocking levels based on industry buying trends.  And remember in stock: Standard Manifold shipment is guaranteed within 24 hours!


24-Hour Custom: The Daman Trigger System

What if you could get a Custom Manifold when you want it, in the quantity you want, with no PO, at a deeper discounted price, with no inventory, and have it delivered on-demand within 24 hours?

The Daman Trigger System for Custom Manifolds and related products has been coined by our customers as the best-kept secret in the industry.  Daman will inventory any Custom Manifold, with an annual purchase level of 10 parts or more, and will ship custom parts on-demand within 24 hours. ​

Download Daman Trigger System Brochure



Fee-based Expedite Service

If your custom manifold project requires exceptionally quick turnaround and your needs fall outside our current production schedule, Daman offers expedited design and manufacturing services for a fee. We have allotted manufacturing machine hours for the purpose of improving delivery for your aggressive project requirements. ​Contact our Distributor Service Team at 800.959.7841 for more details.

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