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At Daman Products, we know better system design starts with a manifold. Our Standard Product Catalog includes more than two million parts. Yet, we understand many customers have systems with unique fluid power needs that require custom solutions. We offer custom design and manufacturing services for hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds made of ductile iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. 

Whether you have a computer-generated circuit and bill of materials, a freehand schematic, or construction drawing, we will distill the appropriate information into a design for an efficient, highly functional product that meets your specifications for replicated or prototype manifold solutions.

We process more than 140 Custom Manifold quotations every week. Custom Manifolds comprise 70 percent of our overall production.


Custom Products

Fast Turnaround for Quotations and Finished Products


Our design and operations teams can provide your product within weeks depending on the specifics of your project and approval process. If you need a Custom Manifold designed, manufactured and shipped to you fast, call us at 800-959-7841 or send an email to to ask about our expedited design services.


Our goal is to process quotations in 24 - 48 hours, depending on the completeness of the information provided, and type of special tooling/material requirements. To start the Custom Manifold quote process, please submit a completed Custom RFQ Checklist along with any files necessary to answer the checklist requirements.




Custom Manifold Shipping in 24 Hours with the Daman Trigger System


Our unique Trigger System allows us to bring the proven reliability of our standard product fulfillment systems with 24-hour shipping to repetitive custom projects. Once programming, processing, tooling and fixturing are established by our design and manufacturing teams, your custom manifold is treated the same as a standard product—allowing us to ship your repetitive custom product on-demand, within 24-hours.


Once a product is set up in the Trigger Program, there is no need to worry about tracking your inventory or submitting purchase orders in advance. Your current forecasting and ordering processes can be reduced to simple quarterly conversations about expected and maximum usage.

Based on these conversations, we will maintain a small inventory of your custom manifold. As you place orders, we will automatically refill the inventory, ensuring that there is always enough custom product available to meet your needs while limiting your financial commitment to the minimal product quantity inventoried.


With the ability to order Custom Manifolds when you need them and receive products quickly, you can reduce supply chain inventory commitments by 90 percent and eliminate problems caused by fluctuating delivery schedules, while retaining the ability to quickly respond to changes in demand.

The Daman Advantage


Daman has been manufacturing custom manifolds since 1976, giving our technical design and manufacturing capabilities breadth and depth that is unsurpassed among hydraulic manifold manufacturers. The members of our design and support staff have more than 290 years of combined project design and sales support experience, and we utilize "Lean" processes and principles to eliminate waste and provide reliable, cost-effective services to our customers.


Our team of ten full-time designers has a proven track record of creating designs that respect industry conventions for port configurations, valve locations, cleanliness, weight and ease of installation while being able to accommodate per-application requests dictated by unique circumstances. With 16 CNC machining centers operating 24 hours per day using manifold-specific software, we are well-positioned to provide state-of-the-art design and manufacturing services for our customers.


We may consider ourselves ahead of the curve, but we recognize there will always be opportunities to provide greater value to our customers, so we will never stop striving to do more to exceed your expectations and contribute to your success. In addition to purchasing new equipment to stay current, we also provide continuous training to help each of our employees reach their full potential.


Contact us today to learn more about how our Custom Manifold design and manufacturing services, culture of continuous improvement and the Daman Trigger System can provide a competitive advantage to your company.

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