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Quick Block allows Daman distributors to configure their own custom header and junction manifolds for quick quotes, models, and delivery. This creates the ability to use technology to its fullest potential by providing our distributors 3D models, fast quotes and quick delivery. Expedite service available with an additional fee.


All manifolds created through Quick Block are treated as any other custom Daman part – designs are proprietary to original distributor and can be easily reordered under the same part number.


Quick Block

Quick Block 2.0: New Enhancements Released 9/1/20


Quick Block has been enhanced to meet internet browser protocols in order to reduce and eliminate timed-out error screens. Users are now able to add the following to their configurations: 



  • Reduced minimum 1 pc pricing

  • Reduced ductile pricing 

Flange ports: Regular and 90 degree flange rotation available for all sizes

  • CD 61 & CD 62

  • 8 CD 61 sizes

  • 6 CD 62 sizes

  • UNC threads

SAE ports

  • Added -10 SAE



  • Added blind mounting holes as second mounting option to go with existing thru hole option

Streamlining the Configuration of Custom Headers and Junctions


The process for configuring custom manifold solutions is typically much more time-consuming than that of standard manifold solutions. When any custom part comes in, it has to first be quoted. Once the quote is accepted, the part has to be designed as a custom solution and then programmed and machined. All of these steps involve some level of human interaction to complete the custom processes.


With Quick Block, Daman distributors can bypass the lengthy custom processes and receive the quote, layout and 3D model within a matter of hours due to the benefits of automation and streamlining this technology provides. In other words, Quick Block allows the distributor to receive custom parts about as quickly as some standard catalog part creating a streamlined solution to a constant distributor problem.

Benefits of Quick Block

  • On-screen 3D visibility while you configure

  • Seven standard port styles available

  • On-screen rough estimate of prototype cost

  • Three-hour or less formal quote during business hours 

  • 3D model delivered with formal quote

  • Quick delivery. Expedite available with additional charge.

Quick Block Applications 

Daman offers Quick Block for custom headers and junctions that can be used in any hydraulic application, as well as pneumatics and other applications. In addition to facilitating the distributor ordering process, the program itself is very user-friendly. Distributors simply request access to the service by sharing their email and company name. After distributor information is verified by Daman, distributors are granted access to the Quick Block configurator and get started designing their custom header or junction. It’s as easy as that.

Learn More About Quick Block


Find out more about Daman's Quick Block configurator by reading the following articles from our blog: 

Daman's Partnership with PARO


In developing this service we have once again partnered with PARO, makers of HydroSym and HydroMan hydraulic circuit and manifold design software to bring this new Quick Block technology to Daman distributors. Since both Daman and PARO have been dedicated to hydraulic manifold users from the beginning of our companies decades ago, it is our belief this tool will provide a benefit to Daman distributors.

Contact us today to learn more about getting started with Quick Block. 

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