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Introducing Quick Block!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

While you may have seen the “coming soon” announcement for Quick Block, you may not be familiar with what it is and how it works. Daman’s Matt Giloth explains the idea behind Quick Block, Daman’s new service that will streamline the entire process for distributors when a custom header or junction block is needed.

“Headers and junctions are often a last-minute product that allow you to clean up your hoses, connections, tubing and it’s not something you necessarily worry about early on in a project,” Matt explains. “However the benefit of having exactly what is needed reduces footprint, components, cost, and eases assembly and maintenance so If you need a custom one, waiting six, seven, eight weeks just doesn’t work. You end up using what is readily available instead of what is specifically needed.”

According to Matt, the reason behind the somewhat lengthy completion times is caused by a number of factors. When any custom part comes in, it has to be quoted. Once the quote is accepted, the part has to be designed as a custom solution and then programmed and machined. All of these steps involve some level of human interaction to complete the custom processes.

With Quick Block, distributors can bypass the lengthy custom processes and receive the quote, layout and 3D model within a matter of hours due to the benefits of automation and streamlining this technology provides. The completed product is then available within two to three weeks from when the order is placed. In other words, Quick Block allows the distributor to receive custom parts about as quickly as some standard catalog part creating a streamlined solution to a constant distributor problem.

“A large percentage of the quotes that we do reference a standard part,” Matt notes. “We sometimes receive our own catalog page marked up for junctions and headers and hear, ‘I want one of these, except I don't need this port here… or I need this port here and I need this spacing there.‘ Most recently we received a photograph of one of our standard header blocks and the customer had marked on the photograph what they wanted differently. In the amount of time that they took to mark up the photo and email it back, they could have used the Quick Block process to generate what they wanted. After hitting send, they could have received a 3D model of the part and put it in their software or they could have shown it to their customer along with the provided quote stating a two to three week lead time. The amount of time and effort that our distributors currently go through when what they need is slightly different from our standard headers and junctions can be greatly reduced with Quick Block.”

Upon release, Daman will offer Quick Block for custom headers and junctions that can be used in any hydraulic application, as well as pneumatics and other applications. In addition to facilitating the distributor ordering process, the program itself is very user-friendly. “When it’s available on the website, you simply request access sharing your email and company name,” shares Matt. “After distributor verification, we send you access and you can get started. It’s as easy as that.”

In developing this service we have once again partnered with PARO, makers of Hydrosym and HydroMan hydraulic circuit and manifold design software to bring this new Quick Block technology to Daman distributors. Since both Daman and PARO have been dedicated to hydraulic manifold users from the beginning of our companies decades ago, it is our belief this tool will provide a benefit to Daman distributors.

Quick Block will be available on the Daman Products website at the end of August. For more information, contact Matt Giloth at or watch our Quick Block user video.


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