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Daman’s line of headers and junctions eliminates excessive leak points and excessive labor associated with using fittings and adaptors in your fluid conveyance solutions. As part of our fluid conveyance line, we offer standard, custom and large manifold solutions to accommodate all your project needs. 

To get started, simply contact Daman get set up as a fluid conveyance distributor. From here, you'll be connected to your Daman account manager to schedule an online introduction and education webinar. 


Fluid Conveyance

Standard Header & Junctions


We offer over 15,000 configurations of header and junction blocks ​available from our catalog to ship from inventory. 

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Custom Quick Block Configurator

With Quick Block, distributors can bypass the lengthy  custom processes and receive the quote, layout and 3D model within a matter of hours due to the benefits of automation and streamlining this technology provides. The completed product is then available within two to three weeks from when the order is placed. Quick Block allows the distributor to receive custom parts about as quickly as some standard catalog part creating a streamlined solution to a constant distributor problem. 

Custom Large Manifold Solutions 

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Daman offers large manifold solutions up to 20,000 lbs. Solutions include designs with alternative materials to meet the requirements for various customer applications.

Contact our Distributor Services Team at 800-959-7841 to get started with your custom large manifold solution today.

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