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D03 Common Cavity Sandwich Modules 


Sandwich modules provide an easy way to add a valve function into an existing directional control valve circuit with no additional line plumbing.


Daman's line of D03 common cavity sandwich, or stack, modules allows distributors greater flexibility and control over a variety of valve functions, including flow and pressure controls, and relief and check valve capabilities. In stacking these functions within a single module, we are able to accommodate numerous circuit options that are not typically possible. 

D03 Sandwich Module Assembly (3).png



Our Daman D03 common cavity sandwich modules can be cross-referenced with major valve brands, including Hydraforce, Eaton, Continental, Bosch Rexroth and Parker.

To see all of our available sandwich module options, visit our dedicated sandwich module product page on the upgraded DamanWorks platform. 
For more information on which Daman sandwich module is right for you, contact our Distributor Services Team at 800-959-7841 or send an email to

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