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Daman Analytics Takes Deep Dives

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Knowledge is power. Until recent months, Daman has reacted to market needs without access to distributor trends.

Not directly selling to OEMs means that Daman needs to be able to understand and serve distributors in unique ways, while collecting data to be able to predict market trends alongside them. One of these ways is by providing distributors feedback about trends that Daman’s systems are tracking to help provide information for the benefit of being more proactive to plan ahead and collectively gain more business.

Daman Analytics gives the team this capability. For instance, in recent months, the oil and gas industry was strong for Daman’s segment of manifold solutions. In the past year, these sales have declined while metals, material handling, railroad and construction have gained momentum. This information helps the Daman team collaborate with distributors and understand their customer base, while advising about new opportunities that should be explored.

Further, Daman Analytics is visually appealing with charts and graphs. It is also populated with dynamic, live information. By clicking on one bar in a graph, the whole screen shifts to focus on the datasets applicable to that particular criteria. For instance, by clicking on the custom orders bar, all charts on the screen shift to show only all custom manifold data. Then, if you click on an industry segment, the screen shifts to show all custom orders in that industry. Then, you can click on an account manager, region or even distributor to see what specific custom orders they achieved in that industry segment for any time period selected.

The Daman Analytics tool puts instant, visual information into the hands of the Daman team to best serve distributors. With the addition and maturity of Daman’s dedicated field support managers in 2015, along with the evolution of their corporate marketing efforts in 2017, the recent addition of Daman Analytics offers visibility into the markets and industries they serve. Thus, Daman and their distributor customers are in a stronger position to win more manifold projects and maintain existing manifold business.

If you are a Daman distributor and would like an overview of your market performance with Daman Products through the lens of Daman Analytics, contact your regional account manager today to schedule a webinar or email


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