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DamanWorks: Centralizing Product Data for Distributors

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

In 2015, Daman introduced its innovative DamanWorks online standard parts configurator. The easy-to-use nature of the product allowed distributors to configure numerous variations of Daman standard products and download the corresponding 3D model of each part.

In addition to configuring standard parts, DamanWorks also featured a standard part lookup feature allowing distributors to easily search for and generate 3D CAD models in record time.

While DamanWorks offered an exciting new solution to distributors, the Daman team continued to seek out even more innovative solutions and features. While they had optimized the distributor experience by providing an online standard parts configurator, there were still more opportunities for improvement. Distributors could configure their parts and receive their files, yet they had to go to another location within the website to access PDFs for product cut sheets. In addition to confusion on where to access necessary files, real time product inventory was not yet accessible, making it difficult for distributors to know whether their parts were available without contacting a Daman member for assistance.

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In Daman's constant quest for continuous improvement, we decided to tackle these main issues by unveiling an upgraded DamanWorks that centralizes all product data, including live inventory, in one convenient online product page. Live inventory is updated twice daily and downloadable 3D files are located on the same page, making DamanWorks an easier and more efficient way of configuring standard parts.

To search the upgraded DamanWorks product data center, simply visit Here, distributors are able to choose a product category or browse Daman's list of featured products. Distributors can now search by availability and popularity, as well as by exact or partial part number, description, item, or price. Each product listed on DamanWorks includes the following information:

  • Part number

  • Current inventory quantity

  • Price

  • Description

  • Image of part

  • Downloadable catalog page

  • Downloadable files in STEP and DXF formats

For more information about DamanWorks or to provide user feedback regarding your experience, contact a Daman distributor services representatives today at

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