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The 2020 Daman Trigger System Review

The Daman Trigger System offers distributors Custom Manifold solutions for shipment in just 24 hours.

Distributors only have to order parts when they need them. Releases are driven by actual usage, rather than forecasts and random blanket order schedules, which eliminates distributor overhead.

Tanner Garland, Mobile Industry Specialist

Livingston & Haven

Inventory Turns Monitored by Daman… Not You

For your peace of mind, Daman consistently looks for Trigger quantity spikes as you place orders. If you place an order higher than the Trigger bin size, this generates a question to you if we should increase the bin size accordingly or if this was a one-time anomaly order quantity. Conversely, we look for inactive Trigger inventory every month. When this report shows that Trigger inventory has not turned over, we contact you for input and guidance. This monitoring process helps you anticipate future project changes early in life-cycle changes.


“The Daman Trigger program is extremely flexible and adjusts with time. Daman monitors the inventory and usage levels and discusses with us changes to the number of bins and the quantity in each bin. We don't have to monitor the Trigger. Daman keeps us in the loop!”

Paul Badowski, MHC Account Manager Cross Company


Trigger Performance Stats for 2020

  • 25% of Daman Custom Manifold revenue is in the Trigger program.

  • 1,500 individual Trigger orders have been processed.

  • 2,200 end users received drop-shipped Trigger manifolds at our distributors request.

  • 18,500 parts have been managed in Trigger inventory.

  • Over 400-part numbers reside in Trigger inventory.

  • Average order quantity released from Trigger is 15 pieces.

  • On average, distributors benefited from 15-piece responsibility on 70 pieces of annual usage.

  • Average Trigger quantity per bin is 9.6 pieces.

  • Trigger projects have shipped within 24 hours of order 99.9% of the time.


The Daman Trigger System has enabled us to respond faster and smarter to our customer’s increasing demands. We have been able to increase our inventory on slower moving parts as we can lower our inventory on parts that are supported by the trigger program.” Charles Stafford, Outside Sales Representative



Every Custom Manifold quotation has Trigger pricing and Trigger details on the quotation.

  1. Review this information and contact our staff to discuss ideal bin size and Trigger specifics.

  2. a. ALERT - Ultimate savings rewards occur when we can Trigger Assembled Manifold Valve Products.

  3. When you sign the quotation accepting responsibility for the small amount of parts in the bin, we will consistently manufacture product to fill the bins.

    1. No advance PO is required.

    2. No forecasted blanket order is required.

    3. A simple gentleman’s agreement is the only requirement.

  4. When your customers order parts, we will immediately ship those parts from our bin inventory at the agreed flat price for any order quantity.

  5. Daman will look at every order for potential spikes that are higher than the bin quantity.

  6. Monthly, Daman will review activity for potential inactive inventory when we zero inventory turns.

  7. Just sit back and enjoy the most competitive manifold solution in fluid power.

Your competitors will never displace you when your customers can buy custom manifolds at production level pricing – one piece at a time.

010121 Daman Trigger System 2020
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