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Daman can now integrate Sun Common RDUA Valves into Standard Manifolds


Sun Common RDUA Direct-acting Relief Valve

This direct-acting relief cartridge is a normally closed, pressure-limiting device used to protect hydraulic systems from over pressurization. When the pressure at the inlet (port 1) reaches the valve setting, the valve opens to tank (port 2) to prevent over pressurization. This valve is dirt-tolerant and is designed to be very fast-acting with a low rate of pressure rise.

The RDUA is a compact, economical, direct-acting relief valve. In compact mobile machinery, such as scissor lifts, the smallest and most economic solution is often requested. With a fast-acting response time, this direct-acting relief valve will clip pressure spikes with a 2ms response time.


RDUA Valve Characteristics

  • Protects hydraulic systems from over pressurization

  • Fast-acting with low rate of pressure rise

  • Tamper-resistant cap

  • 10 gpm capacity

  • 6000 psi max operating pressure


Daman Standard Products Featuring Common Cavities

  • D03 Standard Flow Parallel Manifolds

  • D05 Standard Flow Parallel Manifolds

  • D03 Series Circuit Manifolds


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