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Recap of the 2016 FPDA Summit

This year’s annual Fluid Power Distributors Association (FPDA) Summit provided valuable insight into running a business in today’s world.

Among the esteemed speakers was Herb Meyer, widely known as the first government official to forecast the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Mr. Meyer spoke on how politics, economics, and culture affect business.

Dr. Albert Bates challenged anecdotal stories and conventional wisdom about what makes a company profitable.  He presented facts on how successful companies become successful.

Paul Reilly, president of Reilly Sales Training, encouraged companies not to sell against the competition, but to sell directly to their customer’s needs.

Sessions with Jade West, Senior Vice President-Government Relations for NAW, included projections of how outcomes in the upcoming election could affect business, as well as how regulatory policies affect business.

While Monday’s sessions covered general information applicable to all businesses, Tuesday’s focus was specific to fluid power distributor’s interests.  Our own Gordon Weiler was honored by being on the roster to share Daman’s Fluid Power Challenge experiences.

But it wasn’t all work.  Attendees had the chance to participate in a golf tournament, go on a tour of Savannah, and attend a murder mystery reception and dinner.  Many chose to dress for the part, wearing 1920’s inspired costumes to the mystery dinner, ending a serious summit on a lighthearted note.


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