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2020 Fluid Power Action Challenge

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The 2020 Fluid Power Action Challenge took place on January 17th and, once again, provided local middle school students the chance to learn about and interact with fluid power systems.

This year, 88 students from nine area schools competed in the challenge held at the University of Notre Dame’s Stepan Center. Participants included John Young Middle School (four teams), LaSalle Academy (one team), Career Academy South Bend (four teams), Clay International Academy (two teams), Schmucker Middle School (four teams), Jimtown Jr. High School (two teams), Navarre Middle School (four teams), Edison Middle School (three teams) and Jackson Intermediate (two teams).

Participants were first introduced to fluid power during the workshop days held this past October 24th and 25th, where they were assigned this year’s engineering challenge courtesy of the NFPA. As in years past, the challenge required that each team create a hydraulic or pneumatic machine using only wood, paper, glue, tubing, and syringes. In addition to learning about fluid power technologies, the students gain meaningful skills in teamwork, problem solving, and time management all while participating in an interactive and engaging experience with their peers.

Winning teams were awarded for each of the following categories: Portfolio, Design, Teamwork, Challenge Points (for points scored during the competition) and Overall Champion. This year’s challenge winners were as follows:

Portfolio Champion: Jackson Intermediate (Team 35)

Benjamin Arndt, Seannah Wickliffe, Danica Szabo, Landon Vega

Design Champion: Career Academy South Bend (Team 7)

Gabriel Sorenson, Shawn Collins, Koume Bidlack, Addison Godsey

Teamwork Champion: John Young Middle School (Team 3)

Clara Witmer, Micaila Noland

Challenge Points Champion: Navarre Middle School (Team 18)

Edward Dorado, Honor Malone, Jovani Gonzalez

Overall Champion: Jackson Intermediate (Team 36)

Alaina DeLater, Isabella Renteria, Belinda Tlatenchi

For more information on Daman’s Fluid Power Action Challenge and how to get involved in next year’s Challenge, visit


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