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Manifold Application News – Evolution of a Manifold Solution

Daman Products proves that 21st-century design and manufacturing efficiencies make it easier than ever to source one-piece Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) Custom Manifold solutions that reduce costs and leak points. Today’s fluid power standard solutions can be designed as custom engineered solutions — reducing labor hours, leak points, number of components, and over-all costs.


Several years ago, Daman had a project where a machine builder spec’d in standard components for a manifold consisting of six-station D05H manifolds, three-station D08H manifolds, an in-line pressure reducing body, and 24 stacked modules. The primary issues with the standard solution were:

  • 24 Stacked modules

  • 48 Leak points

  • 50 Labor hours for assembly

  • Excessive maintenance costs

  • Excessive overall project costs


The Daman team worked with their distributor to replace 25 components with a one-piece custom engineered manifold solution. Some of the benefits included:

  • Eliminating 39 leak points

  • Eliminating 30 labor hours

  • 11% cost savings

  • Easy assembly

  • Future maintenance benefits


Daman collaborated with their distributor to provide a HIC Custom Manifold solution that eliminated 11% in overall costs for this $24,000 custom project. 30 labor hours were saved in addition to reducing the solution to only nine leak points.


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