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Improving and Enhancing An Obsolete System

Over 20 years ago, Daman adopted lean manufacturing principals and a culture of continuous improvement. Since then we've made strides throughout the company to eliminate waste and streamline the way we do things.

On the manufacturing floor, custom bins were designed to reduce clutter, and in HR a color-coded filing system was implemented to make information easier to find. Our most recent accomplishment was tackled by Josh Curcio, an intern for the IT department.

His challenge was to take a stagnant app written in Excel VisualBasic and rewrite the code in Salesforce Apex language merging multiple databases into a single robust data source for the sales team. Inconsistent customer information and duplicate entries are a thing of the past. Accurate information is now easily accessible through Quote Forms!

Quote Form's flexibility allows our sales team to analyze data, generate reports, email verification forms, and provide customers with relevant information such as how much they spend per manifold.

When David Jaeckel, our IT Director, mentioned the customized solution to his Salesforce rep, the rep asked for a preview. He was extremely impressed stating that it was the best quoting system he's ever seen—none of their out of the box options could even touch it.

It was a nice compliment, but even more so it is another testament to how our extraordinary people spread their wings and thrive in our unique environment. To learn more about Daman's commitment to continuous improvement, browse through our white paper, "Journey into Continuous Innovation," or call us at 800-959-7841 to schedule a private tour of our facility.


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