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Emergency Response Team at Daman

Daman recently implemented an Emergency Response Team (ERT) training program to aid in providing a safer workplace for its employees.  ERT’s are trained to provide emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation until an Emergency Medical Service can provide further treatment.

Fourteen employees across three shifts volunteered to become trained and certified in AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED and Basic First Aid.  While the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) only requires specific types of industries to have medically certified personnel available at all times, Daman chose to provide this additional training for its employees after assessing the added benefits it provides.

With the assistance of OnSite Health LLC, a local agency that works with businesses to incorporate plans to improve health and wellness in the workplace, Daman is now able to add another layer of protection proactively for its most valuable asset: its people.  Daman’s HR team and Onsite Health worked several months to assess safety risks and benefits of an ERT program.

Krysten Shoulders, Human Resource Director, says, “It’s the right thing to do.  Offer the training as a voluntary program for employees, and even if they do not want to be on the emergency response team, they can take away the knowledge for personal development reasons.  It’s a win either way when we’re able to help each other in a crisis”.  Now that it has opened up to all employees, as a group initiative, the response to participate has been well-received.

“Our nurses have seen the gamut of injuries and illnesses in the workplace, anything from a simple splinter, seizure, heart attack, anaphylactic shock, lacerations, to severe burns, amputation, etc... Having a team at the ready can make the difference between life and death”, states Connie Bryan, founder of Onsite Health LLC.

Ongoing, monthly mini-sessions will be held for Daman’s ERT to learn more about how to identify, assess and place plans of action to improve the safety standards within the company.  All departments, from HR, Admin, Engineering and Production are participating in creating an enhanced vision of safety moving forward.

Daman maintains compliance with OSHA standards and regulations to ensure safe working conditions for employees.  As a Lean company that continually drives improvement efforts, the ERT program is a step towards achieving safety goals with improved awareness resulting in a safer work environment.

The investment of time and resources is considered well spent given the benefits it provides.  For more information on how your company can take advantage of workplace wellness programs, contact Connie at Onsite Health to talk about the options.


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