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Education is a Priority at Daman

“It’s more important than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. These are the types of skills that students learn by studying science, technology, engineering, and math—subjects collectively known as STEM.

Yet today, few American students pursue expertise in STEM fields—and we have an inadequate pipeline of teachers skilled in those subjects,” stated the Department of Education.

Daman is a staunch advocate of improving the education and future of our youth. They are actively involved in many events which stimulate the STEM workforce pipeline.

In March, local students participated in Daman’s 7th Fluid Power Action Challenge Competition, a yearly competition that introduces middle school students to the fluid power industry. The timed competition required teamwork, organization, and innovation to build a working hydraulic or pneumatic machine using only the supplied materials.

Last week, Daman hosted a group of students from St. Joe CEO, a program designed for seniors that covers the basics of conceptualizing, starting, and running a small business. They learned about Daman’s  journey along the LEAN path and their commitment to continuous improvement. Members of the leadership team guided tours of the manufacturing facility. Afterward, a Q&A session with the leadership team ended their day.

Recently, Krysten Shoulders, Daman’s Human Resources Director, was one of the professional Women in STEM who led an interactive breakout session for 120 female students from Penn High School and Mishawaka High School. The event was created to introduce female students to successful women who work in industries that are mostly dominated by males.

Daman believes that one of the most important things they can do for the fluid power industry is to educate our children. Providing opportunities for them to experience real-world, hands-on applications of science and technology is a great start, but there are many other ways to help.  >>Learn More


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