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Doing Our Part for the Environment

When it comes to solving problems at Daman, it is an important part of our culture to analyze situations, research solutions, and then choose the most cost-effective response that makes the most sense. Such was the case with our water filtration system.

Steven Ward, the Maintenance Leader at Daman, along with Sandhill Environmental Services and PRAB collaborated on a custom-made wastewater filtration system that prevents pollutants from entering the water supply. Our Ultrafiltration System by PRAB utilizes six tanks and is capable of processing up to 500 gallons of cleaned water each day which is then safe to discharge into the city sewer.

The 3000-gallon filtration system removes oil from water far below the EPA requirements of 100mg per liter. "As stewards of our environmental health and safety, it is our goal to do better than what the EPA mandates,” said Steven Ward.

Noel Zamora (left) and Steve Ward (right) standing in the wastewater Ultrafiltration System area

How it Works

Ultrafiltration is very much like reverse osmosis. It separates dissolved molecules in a solution by size. Molecules larger than the membrane pore size rating will be retained at the surface of the membrane.

In Daman's case, the system was designed to remove tramp oil contamination—a natural byproduct of lubricating systems within machines—from wastewater. The filtration system reduces oily water volumes by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additive.

Environmental Stewards

As environmental stewards, developing prudent and sustainable business practices is imperative. At Daman, we are dedicated to finding impactful, effective solutions for our environment because we realize that the choices we make today will impact the health of our future.


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