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Daman Unmasked: How Daman stayed productive and connected during “the lost year”

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

While 2020 produced an unexpected global crisis, the team at Daman Products made the most of a challenging situation. Instead of dwelling on our losses, we decided to focus on what makes us truly great...our people and our capabilities.


Despite the national worker shortage, we were able to fill a significant number of positions due to our strong company culture, and have been able to implement several new strategies and programs to strengthen our relationships with our distributor network and continuously improve our business practices. In order to both attract and keep employees, we launched a strong recruiting/retention campaign that included referral rewards, wage increases, shift and lead bonus increases, and a variety of new marketing strategies to promote open positions. Some of the highlights include:

  1. Monthly attendance award for production employees

  2. Double pay to employees working voluntary weekends

  3. 20 new employees hired in the last quarter

  4. Employee appreciation week of festivities featuring an ice cream bar, popcorn machine and employee cookout

  5. On-going communication strategy to keep all employees informed on the current Covid situation, including vaccination education and other resources

  6. Bonuses for employees who remain committed to Daman without job hopping for hiring bonuses during Covid


Beginning 2019, with the purchase of a thermal deburring machine, the Daman team has remained strong in its dedication to continuous improvement with further purchases of new machines to expand our production capabilities. Here’s how our company stayed committed to serving our distributors during “the lost year”.

  1. Purchased a new HCN 5000 machine

  2. Investment into a new 5th Axis feature

  3. More than four new product lines launched including: bottom-ported diagnostic manifolds, D05J, Sun and common cavity modules, and replacement seal kits

  4. Quick Block updates (our custom header and junction configurator)

  5. DamanWorks updates (our standard manifold product portal)

  6. Investments in new software services to further develop our distributor-focused strategy

Despite Covid, the recent months have been full of positive moments and strength for our company. Our team’s dedication to distributor success has kept our lead times competitive and supply availability above industry standards.

As we continue to strive to achieve our own standards, our commitment to our distributors’ successes has challenged us to excel. For instance, unlike others, we have overcome passing along supply or production delays. And, in the event that we do experience longer lead times, we are upfront with our customers so they know what to expect.

As a result, Daman Products has achieved an on-time delivery rate of 96% and is experiencing a record year in bookings. We have developed a stronger team with better results. Our cultural loyalty is deep and our relationships with suppliers and their proactive commitment to helping us inventory a long-term supply of raw materials has helped us continue to navigate the Covid crisis.

As we approach the final months of this year, it is amazing to reflect with what we have achieved and how our dedication and willingness to adapt has created new ways for our highly valued team members to serve our distributors and ensure their long-term satisfaction.

To learn more about Daman’s Covid-19 response, visit our website at, or contact Daman HR Manager Emily Mechling at to learn more about life at Daman.


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