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Daman Sets You Up to Succeed

Daman's extensive training "sets you up to succeed," Daisha Davis from the Continuous Improvement department tells Gemba Academy, "there is no fail here." Her career at Daman began in E-cell washing parts, but quickly transitioned into quality, training and calibrating tools.

Daisha attributes the Continuous Improvement Culture at Daman for giving her the foundation to become successful. During her four weeks of training, she was taught not only how to do a job, but also why it's important. She described how Daman goes out of their way to make sure employees understand their roles and that they have the necessary tools to do their job.

Daisha was impressed that her input mattered and said, "I've never been treated so nice." Collaboration, creativity, and sharing are the norm at Daman and are highly encouraged, never discouraged.

It is Daman's belief that cultivating leadership and personal accountability will produce highly successful, well-trained teams who are able to function affectively and efficiently; building excellence within the company.

Stay tuned to learn more about Daman's Continuous Improvement Culture.


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