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Daman Recruitment

Too often, employers and employees find that they're not the right fit for each other. It's a mistake that is both costly and time consuming. At Daman, we've put a lot of thought into our recruitment processes, which can take up to two weeks to complete.

It is important to us to make sure this new partnership is a good fit for you and for Daman. Here's how it works. First, visit and submit a short application. If there's a position open for the type of job you are seeking, we will bring you in for a 20 minute skills assessment, which includes basic math, inspection and attention to detail. We will also take a few minutes to introduce you to Daman through video and handouts. Within one to two business days, we will contact you regarding your assessment scores. If it is a match, we will ask you to complete our full application.

After we receive the application, our HR team will conduct a brief interview with you over the phone before bringing you in for a formal interview. Our formal interview, like many of Daman's processes, is different. It's a group interview conducted by multiple people including team leaders and HR and takes about 15 minutes. If we think it's a good fit, you will be invited to come back in for a job shadow on the shift you are considering. This is a great opportunity for you to preview your new career at Daman. During your one hour visit, you will meet the team, see the work areas, learn about our processes and take a tour of our facility.

After the shadow, we will contact you to find out what you think. If you and the team agree that it is a good fit, Daman will schedule a drug test and background check. If you pass, we will present a job offer and set a hire date. We will never leave you hanging. During every phase of the interview process, we'll contact you matter what so there is never a question about where you stand.

What is a typical day at Daman? Job responsibilities vary from department to department, but one thing that is consistent is the support you will receive to accel in your new career. You will be challenged in a team environment where you will have decision making responsibilities as you plan and prioritize your work day.

Why do our employees stay? You might think it is because of our competitive benefits package, but it's not. Our team members have told us that it's because of our culture of support and continuous improvement. They appreciate being a decision maker and the value the team places on each and everyone's input to the team's success. We are proud of the comradery and sense of ownership throughout the company at Daman.

How do I advance? When new positions become available, we look internally before we extend the offer outside. But everyone at Daman has the opportunity to grow. It starts with a conversation initiated by you.

If you feel like you'd be a good fit or to learn more about Daman Products, check out our website for current openings at or complete the application online at


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