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Daman Creative Team Update

As posted in the prior articles listed below, the Daman Creative Team is the organization's driving force for product enhancements and new product development.  The team's process includes surfacing multiple new ideas and tracking each idea through nine sequential stage gates. Three stage gates include a screening step which requires the team to put the idea to the test and if the idea doesn't pass the checklist of requirements, it is exited as a viable product idea.

Since up to 80% of new product ideas turn out to be not viable, Daman strives to have a dozen of ideas working through the stage gates at all times.  The team meets every three weeks to share updates and needs for next steps to keep the product concept moving through the stage gates.

In addition to product development, this process provides tangible leadership development opportunities for Daman's management team. Each of the ideas are led by a different team member.  Creative Team members are selected to assure that every functional area of the company is represented, including engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, IT, quality control and human resources. Each idea leader drives his or her respective idea from inception to completion. This collective effort functions as the new product development marketing function for the organization -- rather than having a singular product or marketing manager lead all projects.

Following is a list and updates about the current ideas that are in the Daman Creative Team Process.  Please forward any comments about these concepts to or please share any new ideas that the team should consider.

  1. Expanded Header Blocks - This product line enhancement is on the Fast Track to be completed soon. Higher pressure and flange connections are other longer-term line extensions. 

  2. Pneumatic Custom Manifolds - In the process of determining market demand for pneumatic manifold applications which would use cartridge valve technology to eliminate leak points. 

  3. Daman University - Identifying the areas of the Daman culture and operations that are best to formulate into structured educational programs for internal and external audiences.

  4. New Standard Catalog Additions - Oversize ported tapping plates, stainless steel model codes and surface treatment model codes are all being added with standard offerings in the 2016 catalog. 

  5. Custom Quick Turnaround Manifolds - Average design times, costs and delivery have been programmed to provide customers quick turnaround service terms for custom products, both with and without expedited fees based on demand. 

  6. Hydraulic Manifold Testing Services - The team is meeting with potential customers and suppliers to determine desired testing methodologies for manifold assemblies. 

  7. 6000 PSI Materials - Working with MSOE on Phase 1 Stainless Steel and other steel grade solutions to achieve higher pressures. 

  8. Stainless Steel Custom Manifolds - In the Process of comparing stainless alloys, document and testing results while working with potential customers on understanding their needs and market size.

  9. Coolant Auto Fill System - This Daman innovation, which proportionally controls CNC coolant levels, was developed by Daman's maintenance manager and it is being used in Daman's operations. It is being explored as a marketable solution to other manufacturers and the distribution channel to use or sell the system.

  10. Component Manufacturing Partnerships - Considering existing distributor needs and Daman aligning with component manufacturers to provide assembled system solutions.

  11. Daman Manifold and Sun Valve Stainless Steel Assemblies - This partnership has been discussed, completed and is in the beginning marketing stages of promotion.

  12. Standard Cavity Bodies - Determining customer needs for assembled and/or unassembled cavity body solutions. 

  13. Cold Blackening - Discovered there is no corrosion advantage to the existing solution. This ideas was exited from the development pipeline.


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