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Custom Manifold Development Projects Must Balance Time and Scope

At Daman Products, we are always conscious of the tension between thoroughness and timeliness when we embark on new research and development projects. While we place a high priority on ensuring the effectiveness of our designs and the accuracy of our manufacturing, we also understand how deadlines can make it a challenge to apply the perfectionism required to meet customer expectations for complex projects. There is always a delicate balancing act between these two ends of the spectrum.

The manifold is a crucial component of any fluid power system, so every product needs to work as intended. However, custom products also need to be delivered in a timely manner, which means that there is a limit to how much time can be allocated to the design portion of a development project.

"Design with no constraints becomes a research project," entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist Mark Suster wrote in a thought-provoking article on his blog, Both Sides of the Table. He makes a great point. While we engage in extensive research when required for a project, we always stay focused on the end goal: delivering a functional product.

Fortunately, we believe that there is always room to make improvements in our internal processes that will allow us to deliver products more efficiently, without sacrificing accuracy or quality. We recognize and seize these opportunities by giving our cross-functional teams the autonomy to develop creative solutions to the problems they face, whether this means changing the layout of their workspace or sawing up the floor of the shop to address a compliance issue.

We process more than 140 custom manifold quotations every week, with the goal of turning around most of the quotes within 24 hours. With this level of custom product development and production, it is essential for us to maintain a sound balance between the high quality standards we are known for and the need to be frugal with our time. For many projects, we build to customer specification. But we provide the option for customers to utilize our full service design expertise to see a working prototype, consider new or revised designs that could improve the performance of the system and provide feedback that can be used to build a better manifold. By allowing our production and design teams to control their own workflow and encouraging our customers to participate in a collaborative development process, we are able to offer the best of both worlds: the speed you want and the quality and reliability you need.

If you are looking for a dependable partner for a custom hydraulic manifold development project, Daman Products is ready to meet your needs. Contact us today by calling 800-959-7841 or sending an email to to learn more about our manifold design and manufacturing services.


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