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Continuous Improvement at Daman

In 1997, Daman embraced the concept of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. The journey has helped us to establish a systematic approach to eliminating waste, streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies and creating flow throughout the company. Today, continuous improvement is part of our DNA. This video captures some of the latest improvements made by our innovative cell teams.

Video Transcription:

How does a manufacturing company ensure continuous improvement, by fostering teamwork, encouraging employee creativity and free thought. At Daman much of what we achieve is made possible thanks to the layout of our workspaces. We divide our manufacturing areas into cells. These cells combine the work of a number of different departments, including tooling, machining, packaging and inspection. This has allowed Daman to make great strides in eliminating waste by giving our employees more oversight and direct control of the processes for which they are responsible.

We can do this because of our efforts to recruit hardworking and creative employees. After asking them to complete their employee training programs, which includes a three day orientation and a week long inspection class during their first 60 to 120 days, these team members are well on their way to ensuring that production proceeds smoothly. Our people are the backbone of our organization and culture. Daman's continuous improvement team spends their time interacting with team members, working on ways to create new or improved current work stations, and maximize the use of our equipment.

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. For example, we have found that it can be highly beneficial to maximize visibility on the shop floor. Not only does this reduce the chance of accidents and improve safety, but it also helps increase productivity by giving employees more awareness of what is going on around them. The goal is simple, physically remove as many objects from the top of benches as possible. Daman's team realizes if a new improvement plan is going to stick the people who work on the floor need to decide the best solution. In this case, the cell team members and the CI team developed a way to better store items below their benches. They designed, constructed and implemented the entire project in just eight weeks. It's through this collaboration that Daman was able to create efficient custom storage units for the different materials and tools needed at every cell. This is just one example of how Daman has made 5S principles work.

By eliminating obstacles, preventing the accumulation of unnecessary items, and streamlining activities to prevent losses and wasted time, Daman has succeeded at continuously improving our operations. We couldn't do it without the ingenuity and commitment of our employees. At the end of the day, Daman relies on teamwork to make many of the decisions that affect their ability to operate efficiently. Daman leaders know they can trust their team's judgment because they have put extensive time and effort into selecting dedicated team members who possess the intelligence and creativity necessary to get the job done. Contact Daman for a tour and to learn more.

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