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Building Smart Fluid Power Components and Systems

On March 2, NFPA (National Fluid Power Association) and MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) held their quarterly Fluid Power Industrial Consortium Seminar. Daman's Matt Giloth, distributor services manager, and Trevor Henkler, distributor services custom products attended the 1/2 day program titled “Building Smart Fluid Power Components and Systems” (ones that perform self-diagnostics and troubleshooting and integrate easily with “plug and play” functionality).

The presenters educated the audience with their explanations and examples on the history, applications, and technology of "smart" systems in the fluid power industry. A roundtable Q&A concluded the seminar with relevant questions like "Are large OEMs requiring supplied components to have smart sensors that can communicate with the machine?" A representative from a larger corporation answered, “Absolutely yes!” Afterward, there was a discussion to determine how ideal fluid power smart sensors would encompass temperature, pressure (including vacuum for use on the intake side of a pump to sense cavitation), flow, and cleanliness of the oil—a challenge for the industry and sensor makers.

About FPIC

The FPIC is a partnership with the National Fluid Power Association member companies and other stakeholders in the fluid power industry. Its more than 320-member companies include those that design and manufacture fluid power components and systems, system integrators, OEM’s, users and other organizations. The FPIC provides quarterly 1/2 day technical seminars with a focus on the latest technological advances that provide you with solutions to overcoming challenges within your industry.  Seminar topics are aligned with NFPA’s Fluid Power Technology and Manufacturing Roadmaps as well as topics recommended by the seminar participants.

Other 2018 Topics Include:

  • June 1: “Advanced Hydraulic Fluids for Enhanced System Reliability”

  • September 7: “Robotic Automation for Small Batch Manufacturing of Fluid Power Components”

  • December 7: “Advanced Sealing Technologies and Materials for Improving System Reliability”


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