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A Special Thank You! Another Successful Fluid Power Challenge

In December, we completed our 2015 Fluid Power Challenge competition. Without your support, we couldn't have achieved our best year yet!

Local seventh and eighth grade students from Clay Intermediate, Edison Intermediate, Greene Intermediate, Jackson Intermediate, Jefferson Traditional, LaSalle Academy, Marshall Intermediate, Navarre Intermediate, John Young Middle, Jimtown Middle and Career Academy of South Bend participated in the 2015 Fluid Power Challenge hosted by Daman Products Company.

This video is a tribute to our partners who helped to make this event a success!

The 2015 winners for each category are:

  • Teamwork Category: LaSalle School-Team 30

  • Design Category: Jimtown-Team 13

  • Portfolio Category: LaSalle-Team 32

  • Challenge Category (move the block): John Young-Team 3

  • Grand Campion Overall Winner: Jackson Intermediate-Team 37

Video Transcription:

Many of us in the business community are not happy with the traditional education delivered to kids today. The Fluid Power Challenge is a profound way to impact that education and provide opportunity for kids to experience real world applications in a dynamic learning environment. No longer is someone at the front of the class lecturing. They are engaged. They're immersed in solving a problem that matters. There's an emotional component to that that I think can't be overlooked.

For the first time in a kid's educational career, they've had to take materials, raw materials, and envision a machine and understand and work through all of the issues and decisions to get from raw material to a finished project. That's a systems concept that simply is not available to the kids in traditional education.

It's a somewhat novel concept for kids to not have to find the right answer. In this challenge, the learning is in discovery and trying things, and seeing what works and what doesn't work. It's actually the failures that generate the most opportunity for learning.

All they can bring to competition day is their tools and their portfolios. They're given a new set of materials and three hours to reconstruct their machine.


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