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A Day of Leadership Adventures

At Daman, we believe that a company's success relies on multiple personalities being able to work together, communicate effectively, and solve problems quickly. It's why we invest a lot of time and energy into educational programs and leadership events that help our employees grow.

Last month our leadership team spent the morning at LEAD USA where they learned the "4 Essentials Required to Build Stronger Teams" from some of the best business and thought leaders in the country. They were inspired by a powerful lineup of speakers including world-renowned Eric Thomas, PhD., a.k.a. "ET The Hip Hop Preacher."

After the event, the Daman team accepted the "Locked Up Live" challenge. This Escape Room Experience is a team building exercise designed to increase productivity, improve communication, keep employees motivated and develop problem-solving skills.

The team was divided into two groups and then locked in themed "Escape Rooms." They had 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and clues using only their combined brain power, teamwork, and cooperation to get out. Did they do it?  Did they escape? Guess you will have to ask them!


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