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A Community of Practice

Project Management

Renaissance Executive Forums Indiana (REF) has made it their mission to take leaders to the next. Daman Products is a strong advocate of continuous improvement and has been a key member of REF Indiana by participating in the CEO and Human Resources Forums. Recently, Daman joined the newly created Project Management Forum.

A gap in the area of successful project planning and execution was identified by REF's core members. To help fill this gap, they started a "Community of Practice" targeting Project Management. The group meets quarterly to brainstorm ideas on ways to improve areas of concern.

Matt Giloth, Daman's Distributor Services Manager, will be hosting the second meeting of the Project Management Forum.  It will begin with an educational component on strategic planning, then continue with an overview and tour of Daman Products' facility. The meeting will conclude with a round-table discussion of project management in manufacturing.


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