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2019 WasteExpo

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

This year’s WasteExpo which was held in Las Vegas took place May 6-9. The expo featured the Waste360/Stiffel Investor Summit, numerous education sessions, and an expansive collection of new equipment lining the show floor. With over 14,000 visitors and 600 exhibits, WasteExpo 2019 proved to be a hit, despite it coinciding with OTC this year.

Representing Daman Products was Vice President of Sales, Gordon Weiler, who observed a clear focus on new technologies and automation advancements to improve efficiencies and deal with labor shortages. An emphasis on third eye implementations was prevalent, including improvements in safety, route optimization, and the ability to monitor user behavior.

The Expo featured an array of electric technology systems, offering a unique perspective to our fluid power focus. Gordon explained that the demand for electric technologies is growing, particularly in the waste industry where electric garbage trucks are providing a quiet solution to the noisier version.

In addition to the electric technology, the Expo provided insight into the future of movable machinery. Traditional air-inflated tires appear to be a thing of the past, with much of the newer machines equipped with solid core rubber wheels, solid hard rubber-molded tread wheels or aggressive spiked wheels made of composite materials.

This year’s Spotlight Session featured a major recycling component and was presented by five chief financial officers within the waste and recycling industry. The overarching theme of the presentation was on building and sustaining relationships, worker retention, and recruiting and training efforts as labor shortages have become a growing problem in the industry. As noted by the presenters, one of the most prevalent factors contributing to low labor retention rates is the lack of safety within the industry, as waste and recycling ranks among the top five most dangerous fields.

Overall, WasteExpo 2019 provided us an interesting look into a familiar field. While fluid power was not heavily featured, the expo allows us to think outside the box when it comes to cross-industrial operations and learn from our peers in related lines of work in order to best serve our distributors.

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