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Who is Daman?

An overview of Daman Products, a leading hydraulic manifold manufacturer and what makes us stand out in the industry.

Video Transcription:

Gordon Weiler, VP of Sales:

Much like you and your company and your products, competition in the hydraulic manifold world is fierce. Timeless dedication to continuous improvement every single day keeps us a step ahead. You're about to see the core competencies that elevate our company beyond any other manifold manufacturer.

Speaker 2: Over 35 years ago, Daman introduced the first standard manifold catalog to fluid power. We now have two million available part numbers, dominating the industry with almost 80 percent of our segment's market share. Sixty-five percent of our business, and where we focus most of our energy, is on custom-engineered manifold solutions. What is our competitive advantage? How does Daman do it better?

Speaker 2:

We have four quotation specialists, dedicated to helping you develop your hydraulic circuit concepts into manifold solutions. Key clients receive custom circuit manifold support and pricing within 24 to 48 hours.

Speaker 2:

Once you place a custom manifold order with Daman, you are instantly connected with one of our 10 full-time, on-site manifold designers. Daman's design team completes over 1500 drawings each year and we have consistently achieved a 98.6% design accuracy rating for new projects.

Speaker 2:

No other manifold supplier has this level of engineering support. Unlike other manifold manufacturers, Daman Products is capable of designing and manufacturing any manifold for you. A 6000 pound or 4 pound manifold, a one-piece prototype or high-volume production. No manifold is too simple or too complex.

Speaker 2:

It is our lean culture that has allowed us to reach a 99.9% manufacturing accuracy rating and a 99.6% on-time delivery rating. For over 40 years, Daman has sold exclusively through fluid power distribution. We have three regionally-focused account managers, living in their territories, who are ready to assist you with all of your manifold needs.

Speaker 2:

Daman would not be recognized as a leader in the manifold industry without the dedication of our talented and innovative employees, who are ready to serve you. It is our company-wide commitment to helping our customers succeed that makes us who we are.

Speaker 2:

To learn more about how Daman can help you succeed, call us at (800) 959-7841.


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