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Thermal Deburring Machine

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Daman is proud to introduce our new ATL 400/600 thermal deburring machine. With this new machine, Daman now has the ability to deburr parts up to 10”x11”x22” through the use of methane and oxygen gases.

The automation of the deburring process, which was previously done by hand, allows Daman to:

  • produce more consistent and efficient results,

  • reduces the time spent on deburring parts, and

  • gives the Daman team the ability to deburr multiple parts at once.

The Thermal Deburring Process

Before the thermal deburring process, all Daman parts are cleaned in our ultrasonic tanks. After the thermal deburring process, the aluminum parts return to the cell and are run through another ultrasonic bath. This process results in no difference in visual appearance of the aluminum parts.

Ductile parts go through their own ultrasonic cleaning process to remove any oxidation which results in a lighter grey appearance. Ductile parts then go through the same rust-preventative bath inside each cell.

After the thermal deburring process, the parts are ready for any requested surface treatments. It is important to note that, since the thermal deburring process occurs before the coating process, thermal deburring has no impact on the coating received.

For more information about Daman’s new thermal deburring process, contact the Quotation Team at


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