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The Daman App is Coming Soon for Distributors and Their Customers

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Daman Products will soon be launching a new Daman App platform that will streamline communications with our distributor base. Over the past two years, Daman has built a robust pipeline of new products and services. As email becomes less effective, just like our physical mail boxes, communicating all that we have to offer has become neither timely nor relevant through email alone. In 2018, we discovered that the most widely promoted product launches were producing the greatest increases in new revenue. As we expanded our new product capabilities, we realized that our monthly email campaigns alone couldn't keep up with the pace of our new developments.

To increase our communication with distributors, we have selected Influents™ as our channel marketing app platform. This system will enable our marketing team to engage distributors in frequent and immediate communications per the desired settings of our customers. The free mobile app, which will be available through the Apple and Google Play stores, will allow users to select their individual interests and desired communication level. Daman will then be able to send them push notifications for the topics most relevant to their needs.

Instead of sifting through thousands of emails and website pages for Daman information, distributors can now quickly search Daman-specific content via the app. With access to updated product information relevant to their specific customer base, distributors will be able to quickly connect this information to clients in person, eliminating hours of follow up emails later on.

At Daman Products, we are always looking for ways to improve our customers' experience. With Influents™ and our new Daman App, we are able to streamline communications by disseminating more personalized content and improving company accessibility. Older content becomes new again as it reaches a more relevant audience, and customers have more control over what types of communications they receive.

Stay tuned for more information as we prepare for the launch of this exciting new service in the coming weeks!


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