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Surface Treatments for Daman Manifolds

There are many benefits of applying a surface finish treatment to your manifold such as improved appearance, corrosion resistance, improved paint adhesion, and increased surface hardness. The type of material, its application, and the purpose for the coating are used to determine the proper treatment for your part. In this video, Daman describes the different applications and highlights the process of anodize and electroless nickel surface treatments.

Video Transcription:

Daman offers a variety of service treatments. Anodize and electroless nickel are two of our most recommended treatments, however the type of material and its purpose will determine the proper treatment for your product. Cosmetic appearance, corrosion resistance, improved paint adhesion and increased surface hardness are only a few of the benefits to applying a surface treatment. Daman also offers phosphates, black oxide and alodine.

The most popular surface for Daman's aluminum products is anodize, also known as type two anodize. This treatment provides good corrosion protection in mild environments and minimum wear protection. The process begins with an electrical current which is sent through a sulfuric acid bath, causing the aluminum part to become positively charged. A film develops and then the coating is sealed. Dye can be applied for cosmetic appearance. The colors used most often are black, red or blue.

Electroless nickel is recommended for aluminum or ductile iron parts. This treatment is excellent for industrial applications, mining and railroad applications, but it's generally not suitable when a specific salt spray hours rating is required. Electroless nickel is often chosen over electroplating because of its exceptional properties such as better corrosion and chemical resistance, improved ductility, harder deposit especially after heat treating and different magnetic properties. Prior to plating every part is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, oils and oxides to ensure good coating adhesion. This preliminary cleaning process can be more involved than the plating process itself. Electroless nickel is applied by submerging the part in a well agitated hot bath. It's deposited on sub strait material without the use of external electrical current. It has the ability to obtain deposits in a uniformed thickness, even on confined interior surfaces.

All of Daman's service treatments are of the highest quality and are delivered in a timely manner. Let Daman meet your service treatment needs. Contact our design team to learn more.

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