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Q3 Company Meeting Highlights

Executive Reports

“Do the best you can, every day.  This will enable us to be as strong as possible both operationally and financially as we head into 2017,” encourages Dave Mischler, President at Daman.   Signs of key markets turning loose in 2017 are promising.  Since the recession of the oil & gas industry, we’ve realized the value of diversifying our markets.  We do not need the oil & gas industry to recover for us to achieve growth in the New Year.  In fact, the oil & gas industries now make up only 8% of our annual sales.

Our field presence is ramping up, and our level of customer engagement both externally and internally continues to grow.  Our customers love us,” says Mischler.

Last month we achieved our best overall scrap rate in over 5 years.  We are using our time productively, and working hard to get it right the first time to ensure our customers’ satisfaction with quality products and unparalleled service.

Gordon Weiler, Vice President of Sales, also spoke optimistically looking ahead to 2017.  Customer feedback has been very positive as we continue to look for ways to support projects and add a presence in the field.  Daman’s sales strategy is customer-centric, focused on actions to aid customers and their OEM’s on specific projects.  Weiler introduced Scott Lindahl, who is taking on the role of manufacturing rep for Daman in Western Canada.  Lindahl lives in Alberta, south of Edmonton, and has over ten years of experience working in the hydraulic markets.  Canada is currently less than 5% of our sales. It has the potential to be closer to 15% of our sales. Daman welcomes Lindahl to the sales team.

Account Manager Updates

In an effort to provide optimal sales service, Luke Pietrucha, East Region Account Manager, is relocating to Charlotte, NC.  The move enables proximity to our customers in that region, where he can provide additional support.  Pietrucha has been with Daman since 2013.  Before his current role, he worked in Custom Project Development and Cell B Production.  If your business is currently in the Eastern Region, and you would like to learn more about Daman’s capabilities, reach out to Luke.

The recent onboarding of Stevie Treece, Midwest Region Account Manager, has been well received.  She is exceptional at relationship building and is working hard to implement strategies for partnership success in the Midwest.  Treece has collectively worked in sales for over 14 years.  Contact Stevie for more info on how she can assist you and your markets.

HR & the DPAA

Our Human Resources team works carefully to implement programs that benefit and interest employees.   Krysten Shoulders, Human Resource Director, informs employees of updates to the Employee Handbook for 2017 and introduced additional EAP (Employee Assistance Program) benefits available for employees and their families.  Shoulders also shared several events in the works.  The Better Living Committee, of the DPAA (Daman Products Athletic Association), encourages all employees to participate in our onsite health and wellness series on reducing stress.  The DPAA also facilitates plans for the company Fall Outings:  one for the kids and one for the adults.

For the kids, Zoo Boo at the Potawatomi Zoo gives children the opportunity to trick or treat and enjoy the local attraction.  For the adults and older children, a chili cook-off and a trip to Legend Scream Park.  October wraps up with a company Pumpkin Carving Contest.  Who will win?

Q3 Service Awards

Daman celebrated employee work anniversaries, and three of them received service awards.  Recipients include John Petzold, 30 years of service, Steve Ward, 25 years of service, and Dominic Catanzarite, five years of service.  43 employees received cash attendance bonuses:  of which 33 had perfect attendance, and 10 had excellent attendance.

Guest Speaker

Jeff Zrodlowski from Verizon spoke to employees about exclusive employee discounts on cellular plans, with a savings range of 15%-18%.  Daman welcomes the opportunity to work with vendors who can offer additional benefits for our people.  If you are interested in speaking at one of our upcoming meetings, please contact Krysten at


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