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Preparing for the Unexpected

Daman’s management team and Emergency Response Team recently participated in “Preparing for the Unexpected,” part two of a three-part series developed by Michiana SHRM and New Avenues, a behavioral management company. The series, “Mental Health In The Workplace – Risk & Responsibility Series,” was created to educate employers on responsibilities and awareness of mental health situations within the workplace.

FBI Special Agent, Martin Damico presented the “Active Shooter Training” portion of the program that focused on how to prepare, train and respond to an active shooter situation in the workplace. Preparing in advance is always the best preventative. While there are several ways to prepare for an active shooter, it is best to meet with local law enforcement agencies to schedule active shooter training and understand the community response plan in your area. First aid training is essential; knowing how to use a tourniquet could save a life. Contact your Local Amerian Red Cross for available programs.

The three main tactics for surviving an active shooter situation are run, hide and fight. The best tactic is to run. It’s important to get as far away from the shooter as possible. The second one is to hide, then stay hidden and remain quiet. The third is to fight, using makeshift weapons to aggressively ambush the shooter. This tactic is very risky and should be used as a last resort, but it may be necessary for survival.


Prepare Now

  • Sign up for Active Shooter Training

  • Say something if you see something suspicious

  • Know your community response plans

  • Identify exits and good places to hide

  • Learn and practice first aid skills and the use of tourniquets

During (survival)

  • Run

  • Hide

  • Fight


  • Help law enforcement (details are very important in these cases)

  • Seek out medical help

  • Help others survive (If you have first aid training, do what you can to help)

  • Seek help to cope with the psychological trauma


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