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Daman’s design team continuously improves and delivers expertise

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

In June, members of Daman’s design team attended Hydrotech’s Level 1 Hydraulic Training: The Principles of Hydraulics. This 5-day training program taught maintenance personnel the principles of industrial hydraulics technology including basic calculations for fluid pressure and flow and actuator velocity/rpm. Starting with the practical ideas of force, area, pressure, fluid flow rate, cylinder speed, hydraulic motor speed, hydraulic power and hydraulic system heat production, students develop their understanding of how hydraulic powered and controlled machines work.

Participants learned about all of the major groups of hydraulic components, including the function and principles of operation of direct operated and pilot operated relief valves, direct operated and pilot operated pressure reducing valves, direct operated and pilot operated directional control valves, check valves, pilot operated check valves, fixed displacement pumps, variable displacement pumps and accumulators.

Programs like this contribute to Daman’s design team’s expertise. Daman team member, Dominic Catanzarite, attended the program and shared that the course covered a broad range of topics providing learning to understand, identify, and troubleshoot basic hydraulic systems and functions.

“I would like our customers to be confident that we provide them the most efficient design that their layout requirements allow us,” states Dominic. "We are proud of our expertise and the creative and accurate solutions that we develop when customers have difficult requirements. Customers can just send us their circuits with layout requirements and we will provide our best solution. Our sole focus is manifold design and continuing to learn and adapt to be known as experts in our field."

The breadth and depth of Daman’s technical design and manufacturing capabilities far exceeds that of other hydraulic manifold manufacturers. Daman's design team of ten full-time designers is available to assist with distributors’ Custom Manifold design needs.

70% of Daman’s production consists of Custom Manifold design and manufacturing services. Their designers invested 14,000 man hours of Custom Manifold design time in 2018. They will work from customer prints or start from scratch to design and meet specifications for replicated or prototype manifold solutions.

Daman’s quick turnaround design and manufacturing services efficiently provide products that are reliant on speedy customer feedback and approval processes. Expedited services are available.

Daman’s performance ratings speak for themselves:

  • 99.96% manufacturing accuracy rating

  • 99.08% design accuracy rating

  • 96.59% on-time delivery rating

  • Custom Manifold quotations processed in 24-48 hours or less for most projects; depending on completeness of information provided and type of special tooling/material requirements

  • Full-time design/support staff with over 300 years of combined project design and sales support experience

To engage the Daman Design Team in your next custom manifold project, contact them at or 800.959.7841 for more information.


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