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New Daman Trigger Video Released: Part 1 of 3 Trigger Video Series

Daman announces part one of a three part video series about the Daman Trigger System. This video features why the Daman Trigger is important for streamlining custom manifold ordering, manufacturing and shipping processes.

The Daman Trigger System offers a simple way for you to order custom manifolds without the lead times, rigid ordering schedules and cumbersome micro-management and follow-up of inventory required by other manufacturers. Custom Manifolds participating in the Daman Trigger System receive special 24-hour delivery services.

Video Transcripts:

Since 1976, Daman products has dominated the standard product market, in large part due to our innovative, effective, and impeccable manufacturing systems, enabling us to ship inventory standard product predictably within 24 hours. We do this with zero visibility into our market. We literally ship tens of thousands of standard products this year, not on time, on demand without forecasts for blanket orders of any kind. Many of these products ship the same day as ordered. How powerful would it be to offer this same impeccable delivery promise to your repetitive custom manifold market? We have been doing just that through distribution with remarkable success. Our hope is that you'll take a moment and consider a world in which your repetitive custom manifolds are delivered on demand with the same reliability and ease as ordering a standard Daman manifold.

When you hear what the Daman Trigger Program offers you will most likely be thinking, "This is too good to be true." However, once you understand our Trigger Program, our hope is that you will trust Daman's promise to you and allow us to help you be more successful in your markets. Eliminate lead times. Eliminate high obligation blanket order commitments. Eliminate forecasting processes and instead schedule shipments as required. Eliminate price fluctuations related to order size. Since our inception, Daman's name for serving distribution has become synonymous with integrity, consistency and meaningful innovation. We have proven that our dedication to perfecting systems that serve you is the real deal. We do not disappoint and we do not over-promise. Our unique continuous improvement culture challenges the Daman team to look at our world class processes and ask, what can we do better than yesterday?

The result is that we've applied the same refined processes that serve our standard product market so well and adapted those methods to achieve the same result for our repetitive custom products. The comprehensive Daman system does care if the product is classified as a standard or a custom product, only that it is repetitive. The Daman Trigger Program for repetitive custom manifolds takes responsibility for, providing one flat price for all quantities, even one custom piece, smoothing order pattern volatility, monitoring inventory activity and adjusting inventory levels accordingly, advising when parts are inactive for an extended length of time or replenishing inventory automatically within agreed parameters, reducing supply chain inventory by 90%.

This may scare distributors that have been taught by manufacturer's poor performance to carry excess inventory. Shipping within 24 hours and on time with proven 99.9% confidence, improving your cash flow. Converting design changes with little to no inventory waste. Less than 10% annualized usage in inventory. Integrating valve installations and drop ship assemblies. Understanding your needs. With The Daman Trigger Program, you no longer need to worry about increasing or decreasing inventory levels based on demand. We adapt to your needs and provide on demand products that ship within 24 hours. It's that simple. Let us help you serve your customers more effectively by taking advantage of a uniquely Daman Delivery System we've been perfecting for almost two decades.

To learn more about Daman's Trigger System for the 24 hour delivery of repetitive custom manifolds. Call us at 800-959-7841 or send an email to


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