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Daman Mounting & Seal Kits

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hydraulic leaks in the field sometimes arise after general maintenance is performed on manifold related components. Just because an oring fits in the oring groove does not mean it will provide maximum sealing effectiveness. Aftermarket oring products that are not the exact diameter, cross-section size and durometer will ultimately fail and leak oil. Visually, these nuances are difficult or impossible to notice.

Daman now offers OEM replacement seal kits for all of our related manifold products. Using our seal kits in maintenance efforts will give you peace of mind that all component integrity is maintained and will continue to perform flawlessly as designed.

These replacement component kits are useful for:

  1. Scheduled maintenance of the Daman components on the machine the same time the valves, fittings and hoses are receiving scheduled maintenance (With our kits, you can replace all seals and damaged corroded bolts as needed on the original Daman standard part.)

  2. Missing, lost, or discarded kits

  3. Replacing individual seals as needed to eliminate leaks and individual bolts as the hex shape is worn/disfigured or the bolt is otherwise damaged

Unlike traditional angle bracket mounting kits exclusive to manifolds, our new kits work with any Daman part that comes with surface seals, including tapping plates, cover plates and valve adaptors. Over 260 new part numbers are available, as well as same-day or next-day shipping for most parts. All loose components that originally came with the product are included in the kits, as well.

Each of our new kits includes orings, locating pins, and/or bolts depending on the product involved. You can also visit our catalog pages below for more information about each of our new kits:

Cover plates

Valve adaptors

Tapping plates

** Kit prices are NET, discount schedule does not apply to Daman manifold mounting kits and the 3 new lines of component kits.

To learn more about our mounting and seal kits, contact a member of our Distributor Services Team at or by giving us a call at 800.959.7841.


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