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Manufacturing at Daman

Interested in the manifold manufacturing process? Watch the following video to learn how we structure our daily operations and set up our manufacturing teams for success.

Video Transcription:

At Daman Products, trust, learning, and personal accountability are integral to our company's success. Our employees work in self-controlled environments where they have decision making responsibilities, and their opinions matter. The shop floor is divided into five mini factories called cells, that work independently from each other. Cells are configured to reduce waste and clutter. We regularly make improvements to increase efficiency, most tools are just one step away. Each cell is equipped with everything necessary to produce a manifold from raw material to packaging.

Each cell has a team leader, and three shift leaders that lead their respective shift. Primary responsibility of the team leader is to ensure that all three shifts have everything they need to do their job. Shift leader mentors their team, the team produces the manifolds. Cell team members start their day by referring to standard or custom run cards. This, along with a schedule tells the team where a project stands, and what needs to be done next. Typical day could include operating a Mazak CNC machine, performing quality assurance inspections, deburring parts, washing and packaging parts, installing components, basic computer work, performing preventative maintenance tasks, housekeeping, and machine upkeep, and improving work processes.

It takes almost two years before a manufacturing team member is completely trained. The first week is spent with HR and doing on-the-job training. At week six, inspection training begins. Daman recruits hard-working, creative employees, and provides the skills, tools, training, and support they need to succeed and grow. If you are interested in joining our manufacturing team, or for more information about Daman Products, visit, or call us at 1-800-959-7841.


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