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How the Daman Trigger System Works

Daman announces part two of a three part video series about the Daman Trigger System. This video describes the streamlined process that allows Daman to ship your custom manifold in 24-hours. Complex order fulfillment is replaced with a simplified pull methodology which electronically triggers replenishment based on actual customer usage. Follow our  two-step process outlined in this video to get started with the Daman Trigger System—a delivery system that we've been perfecting for more than two decades.

Video Transcription:

So if you've watched our Why the Daman Trigger System video, you might be thinking that the Daman Trigger System sounds too good to be true. That is often the initial reaction from our customers, until they try it and see that they system does just what we promise. It's true, you can order repetitive custom manifolds when you need them, and they ship in 24 hours. Yes, custom-engineered manifolds shipped in 24 hours.

First, you simply need to trust us. Second, contact our team and provide the required information to set up your repetitive custom products in the Daman Trigger System. Then finally, let us take care of the rest. However, if you'd like to know a little about how things work behind the scenes here's a sneak peek to the magic behind the Daman Trigger System.

The Daman Trigger System simplifies what is often a complex order fulfillment process that is burdened with multiple sequential steps and creates waste and long lead times. Daman's Trigger System eliminates forecasting and replaces traditional order fulfillment with simplified pull methodology that electronically triggers replenishment based on actual customer usage.

The customer places and order for a Trigger-approved custom manifold. Then, the customer's custom product is located in a designated inventory bin and is immediately shipped to fulfill the order. When the bin is empty, the bin number is scanned, and the product is automatically scheduled for production and replenished in no more than two to three weeks to beat any possible hiccup in the supply system. It's quite simple.

While traditional supply utilizes long complex process to push product into the market, the Daman Trigger System is designed to allow the market to instantly pull product into distribution. Then, the system is automated to prompt manufacturing to replenish the Daman Trigger bins to be ready for the next pull. The speed and flexibility afforded by the Trigger program allows you to reduce supply chain inventory commitments by 90%. Elaborate forecasting processes can be reduced to simple conversations about expected and maximum usage.

We build in the capacity to comfortably handle unforeseen spikes in demand. The number of bins and the quantity per bin are always less than would be required with a blanket order approach. We ship products in any quantity at the agreed price. There is no minimum order or fluctuation in price based on volume. Product inventory replenishment is driven by actual usage. There is no need to worry about tracking your inventory or submitting purchase orders in advance. Your custom manifold will be shipped as a custom part on demand, within 24 hours.

So how do you get started with Daman's Trigger System? There are just two easy steps to get started today. Contact our distributor services team who will ask some questions and provide and agreement, not a contract, which defines what the expected annual usage is and what the maximum usage will be within our production window. This information is initially used to internally suggest the number of bins and the quantity per bin. Programming, processing, tooling, and fixturing will be established and standardized as needed. From this point on, the product is treated like a standard product for internal purposes, virtually eliminating overhead from the process. Daman maintains the agreed Trigger stocking level, and best of all, Daman monitors activity to make bin size changes based on actual usage. It's that simple.

Let us help you serve your customers more effectively by taking advantage of a uniques Daman delivery system we've been perfecting for almost two decades. To learn more about Daman's Trigger System for the 24-hour delivery of custom manifolds, call us at 800-959-7841 or send an email to


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