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Christmas Comes Early at Daman

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Santa did not make an appearance at Riverside Terrace in Mishawaka for Daman’s annual employee Christmas party, but he did leave lots of great presents for everyone. Krysten Shoulders, Human Resources Director, and Kim Maliki, Office Manager, planned an amazing evening around the theme “Game Night”.  It was the largest, and some say, the most fun employee Christmas party ever. Nice job ladies!

There was a game for everyone – video games, board games, card games and games requiring speed and agility. Two players, Mike Harvey, Distributor Services, and Brad Lekarczyk, Shift Leader, made it to the championship round of a single-elimination Nintendo Street Fighter Tournament. Congrats Mike for going home with the grand prize and bragging rights! 

Larry Davis, CEO, landed in the last seat (or should I say, carried them away) after an entertaining and very physical round of musical chairs.  The fun didn't end there, it continued for Daman families the following weekend at Strikes and Spares. 


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