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Evolution of a Manifold: A history of engineered manifold design (video)

View this video to learn more about how Daman leads in providing integrated, custom manifold solutions to meet today's demands for smaller, more efficient, low cost, and higher-performing manifolds.

Video Transcription

Before manifolds, hydraulic equipment builders spent many hours connecting individual valve bodies to create integrated circuits. As you can imagine, it also created a tangled mess of hoses and tubing leak points.

Daman Products introduced the first multi-station standard bar manifold to the fluid power industry in 1976. The manifold eliminated leak points created by the octopus of valve bodies. It also greatly reduced labor required to make all of those connections.

While this was a major advancement in fluid power industry, it also triggered the development of stack valve modules, known as sandwich valves. Sandwich valves allowed machine builders to quickly add a multitude of hydraulic functions to each manifold valve station. This created a mountain of stack valves, which in turn created a lot of potential leak points and maintenance issues. Duty cycle, vibration, and bolt stretch all exasperate the leak potential in stack modules.

Technological advancements and custom manifolds are able to eliminate most of these problems, problems that we can't afford to ignore because of environmental factors, government regulations, and today's threat of pneumatic and electromechanical solutions.

Daman has made it easy to integrate innovative custom manifold solutions into your project. We can even standardize your custom solution and ship your manifold to you within 24 hours if you are part of our trigger system. Better system design begins with a manifold. Let one of our experts help you find the solution that is right for you.

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