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Evolution of a Manifold: A case study for optimized manifold design (video)

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

View this video to learn more about how Daman leads in providing integrated, custom manifold solutions to meet today's demands for smaller, more efficient, low cost, and higher-performing manifolds.

Video Transcription

Daman Products once again proves that 21st century design and manufacturing capabilities make it easier than ever to integrate custom-engineered manifold solutions in place of individual valve bodies and stack valve sandwich modules. A machine builder had been using standard Daman D05H and D08H manifolds with valve bodies and stack valve sandwich modules to complete their hydraulic machine circuit. The problem with this approach is that current fluid power efficiency and cleanliness standards demand that hydraulic leaks be eliminated.

The Daman team helped their distributor integrate a one-piece custom manifold solution in place of 24 components, to eliminate 39 leak points and reduce assembly labor from 50 hours down to 20 hours. All said, the machine builder benefits in an 11% cost savings, easier assembly, and future maintenance advantages.

OEMs today are still building machines with stack modules and valve bodies, because that's the way it's always been done. You don't have to look very hard in the field or at trade shows to find these outdated solutions. We have a responsibility to respect current fluid power standards to eliminate hydraulic leaks. Otherwise, our market share will continue to be threatened by emerging technologies such as electromechanical solutions. Don't settle for an inferior standard solution when a custom solution is readily available at lower cost with less problems. Contact Daman for your custom manifold solution.


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